Visit and presentation of breed

The number of mountain horses is very low, the breed is so endangered that younger generations know this breed poorly or not at all, as for more than 10 years, there have been no mountain horses in Slovenia. Ergela PLANIDO is currently the only one who breeds this breed in Slovenia and in the European community in pure blood, therefore we wish to inform and acquaint the wider public, experts and interested horse breeders and admirers of horses about the specialness of this breed and necessity to preserve it.

Ergela PLANIDO offers a possibility of visiting the mountain horses and the surroundings or natural environment, where the horses live freely throughout the whole year, and a presentation of the breed and its particularities, as well as contact with the horses. We recommend the visit also for children and youths, but only accompanied by parents, teachers or some other guardian. The visit and presentation is possible only in an organized manner and after previous arrangement and notice. Contributions will be dedicated exclusively for the help and preservation of mountain horses.