Nearby attractions

Planido is an organic farm which is encircled by an intact natural environment and clean mountain air, away from the city noise, industry, hustle and bustle, but still rather close, almost in the center of Slovenia and easily accessible from many directions. Attractions in the vicinity are accessible on foot, by bike or horse, some of them with a car.

Sv. Brikcij church on Rtiče,
Kucenberg on a mountain 850 m above mean sea level (amsl),
Sv. Lenart church on Rodež 889 m amsl,
Ostrež and Sv. Katarina church 856 m amsl,
Padež and Sv. Jakob church and its surroundings,
Sv. Lovrenc church on Selo,
Podkum and Sv. Jurij church and its surroundings,
Medvedov vrt on Podkum,
KUM mountain lodge and Sv. Neža church 1220 m amsl,
Valley of the Sušjek stream and Sušjek waterfall,
Sopota valley,
Svibno and remains of the Ostrovrhar castle.

View at Kum, Lisca, Bohor, Sljeme, Trdinov vrh, Gorjanci, Kočevski rog, Snežnik, Kamnik and the Julian Alps, and Posavje and Dolenjska Hills.