Preservation of the breed

The Bosnian mountain horse is the only indigenous horse in the region of former Yugoslavia, which was bred, besides in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Montenegro, south Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, parts of Croatia and Slovenia, and in other parts of the country at that time. In 1920, there were 800,000 horses in the country at that time, of which mountain horse and crossbreeds with Arab horse represented two thirds, in Bosnia and Herzegovina over 70%, altogether about 600,000 horses.

Today, this breed is endangered, as only 100 horses are being bred in an organized manner, namely in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. There are also some breeders in Germany, but without known origin. Besides that, a few hundred mountain horses are in possession of farmers in mountains and remote regions of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, but the number is in decline, therefore, the breed is seriously endangered.

Because of these facts, the basic purpose of Ergela PLANIDO is to help to preserve this unique breed, which was well-known and respected also in Slovenia. These horses were used in mountainous places and places difficult to reach, for carrying timber or firewood, supplying mountain huts and even caravels and the like.